What To Know About Zika Virus and Natural protection For it


What To Know About Zika Virus and Natural protection For it


dog287420Suddenly the whole world is stormed by another “dangerous” virus and the scare wave begins in the nation. Find out what you need to know about this below.

#1. The Zika virus is a mosquito-borne disease, that is transmitted when an infected person is bit by a mosquito and then it bites you. Not every mosquito, but only a female Aedes aegypti can cause the illness. These are the silent mosquitoes that bite during the day (mornings late afternoons & evenings), are bigger than the male mosquitoes & are trained to attack humans in our own houses. Zika virus treatment

#2. Countries or areas exposed to the virus should be avoided. Avoid mosquito infestation near your residence and at work. But the latest development also has it, that it can be sexually transmitted from an affected person. Zika virus outbreak   

#3. An illness from the Zika virus affects only 1 in 5 people who may notice a feeling of lethargy with joint pains, head ache, pink eye (conjunctivitis) and red, itchy rashes all over the body. This may or may not include fever but fever-like symptoms like body malaise maybe present. These may last for 2-7 days if and when present. Zika symptoms

#4. The Zika virus can be detected via PCR testing in blood, but this maybe difficult to isolate since it resembles the Dengue and other flavi viruses. Diagnosis is only via doctor’s suspicion and the history, including travel to exposed areas. Zika fever symptoms

Things You Should Know About the Zika Virus

rockclimbing500#5. Pregnant women are most at risk, because in them the virus settles in the brains of babies and causes serious birth defects like a small head(microcephaly) and brain damage(mental retardation).
Hence, care is advised when travelling to endemic areas, or when pregnant women are exposed to mosquito-prone areas. Avoid bites and watch out for any signs of the infection. Better yet, avoid pregnancy for the next 1 year. Also the CDC Recommended Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus Here

#6. Indians however have already been exposed to this much earlier and hence in most of us it is possible to fight it off naturally. This is because of the 1952 breakout that affected the population and could’ve led to a passive immunity up to this generation.

#7. No vaccine has yet released, though India is in the testing phase to make 2 forms of active & inactive vaccines preventing it, so the only way to avoid a transmission would be to avoid a mosquito bite.

#8. Ways to avoid this would be to wear fully covered pants and long-sleeved shirts, socks and protect against bites with a mosquito-repellent cream or vaporizers.

#9. Sleep in closed rooms, with windows and doors shut and use mosquito nets if in the open. Eliminate breeding spaces for mosquitoes like standing water in buckets or pots because mosquitoes lay eggs in walls of wet objects, which can hatch in a week and mature.

#10. A single mosquito can cause an outbreak in your community by laying eggs of infected larvae. Deaths are rare by this, hospitalization also may not be required. Most patients infected do not even realize they are carrying the virus since it does not produce any symptoms.

Things You Should Know About the Zika Virus

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The reason: Mosquitoes hunt for CO2 which is not only masked by the spray, actually gets into your pours. We have a no fuss Rollon or the Spray available On Our Amazon Store. Also we have a pets only spray.



3 reasons why the use of deer scents should not be underestimated

Deer Scent

Deer Scent

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The whitetail deer hunting season is fast approaching, and if you are a hunting enthusiast, you might already be noticing the number of commercials and adverts for deer hunting equipment tools. After all, the master hunter is not only he who is proficient at using his equipment, but also has access to the best equipments. Deer attractants, for instance, have been used by hunters for decades now. However, many have been led to believe the some such as deer scent are simply an overhyped marketing gimmick, doing little to attract deer contrary to the claims.

there are very important reasons why hunters should not ever underestimate the value of deer scents. These are the following:

Immobilizes the deer

First and foremost, deer scents are particularly useful for forcing deer to stop dead in its tracks, giving you sufficient time to make your move and score the perfect kill. Many a times, you would be able to make the deer stop only to scare it away or have it duck when you shoot. You can use a scent wick or apply a little on the ground when in close proximity to the deer and it will be enough for the deer to get the deer to stop. However, for best results, you will have to use it at the intersection of the shooting lane and trail for stopping the deer in the perfect spot.

Using deer scent can be a very effective tool for planning out your strategy. Bear in mind that you would also have to consider the degree of wind blowing away from you. If you are hunting in an area or time where you experience heavy winds, make sure to apply the extra scent-wick for best results.

Covers your tracks

When it comes to the term ‘silent assassin’, you might think of ninjas or other Hollywood action scenes.However, using deer scents can make you just as much of a silent killer if used properly. The defining characteristic of any silent kill is that the killer leaves no traces of his or her tracks. Deer scents can help you do just this. Hunters are usually recommended to wear clean rubber boots. However, the rubber can give off a strong smell and make the deer flee from you, fearing danger; not to mention the amount of noise from stepping on grasses, leaves, and sticks. Using doe urine can be a good failsafe method and prevent the deer from surprising you out of nowhere.

Are effective scouting tools

Mock scrapes are generally well perceived for being great hunting tools. However, what many do not realize that these are also great for scouting deer. This is because many bucks do not just ignore fresh dirt under a tree branch. Bucks usually reveal their front tracks to hunters due to the way they approach scrapes. Due to this reason, mock scrapes can help hunters tell deer tracks and allow them to navigate their way to them and make the kill. Mock scrapes can also be used to carpet bomb a large area for scouting purposes.

My new fish aquarium for 2016



My new fish aquarium

Well I got tired of waiting for the winds to die down and the cold to go away this spring. So I went out and bought a new fish aquarium. It is a 37 gallon fish tank. I plan to mainly keep African Cichlids in the tank but you know pretty soon I’m going to have to add a bass, bluegill or crappie in there. I have done a lot of research this past couple weeks and found out that its really not that hard to keep a fish tank going and keep the fish alive. You just need to do frequent water changes after the initial nitrogen cycle has completed and that’s the basics. There is a little more to it than that but If you wish to read about that please check out the post The Nitrogen Cycle for Everyone. I do not want to put some false info out there since I do not know it completely myself. I have 7 Black Skirt Tetra fish in there and they pretty much look like a fancy shad with black markings and longer fins. I am already beginning to see how this hobby truly is. I already want more fish but I am still waiting on the cycle in the tank to finish before I can add anymore fish.



The Best Fishing Kayaks for 2016



The Best Fishing Kayaks

With the beginning of spring coming up in 3 days it is time to start looking at the new and old kayaks for this year. Ive had a bunch of you guys ask me which kayak should I buy for fishing. So I  have decided to put together this list for the beginners to the advanced. Ive been doing research for this past week to put together this list and sectioned it by the different prices for the best fishing kayaks available as of today. Some old ones are in there because they have proven their the best there is. I do not recommend getting a fishing kayak under 12 feet. You can get away with 11 feet but personally I would never get a 10 foot or less kayak for any purpose. At the very bottom of the list our staff chose 2 of the best fishing kayaks in each skill level that we feel is the best option right now.

Heritage Angler 12 12 $499.99  Beginner
Heritage Angler 12 14 $499.99  Beginner
Perception Striker 11 6 $499.99  Beginner
Perception Pescador 14 $599.99  Beginner
Emotion Stealth Angler 11 $599.99  Beginner
Ascend FS12T 13 4 $599.99  Beginner
Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 4 $699.99  Beginner
Ascend H12 12 $699.99  Beginner
Feelfree Moken 12 12 5 $899.99  Beginner
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 14 $1,035.00  Intermediate
Ocean Kayak Big Game Angler II 12 9 $1,299.99  Intermediate
Old Town Predator MX 12 $1,299.99  Intermediate
Jackson Kayak Coosa 11 2 $1,299.99  Intermediate
Wilderness Systems Ride 135 Max 13 6 $1,305.00  Intermediate
Jackson Kayak Cuda 12 $1,439.00  Intermediate
Jackson Kayak Cuda 14 $1,539.00  Intermediate
Jackson Kayak Big Rig 13 2 $1,749.00  Intermediate
Wilderness Systems Atak 14 1 $1,795.00  Intermediate
Old Town Predator XL (w/o motor) 13 2 $1,799.00  Intermediate
Jackson Kayak Big Tuna 14 2 $1,800.00  Intermediate
Hobie Mirage Outback 12 1 $2,349.00  Advanced
Native Watercraft Slayer Ptopel 13 2 $2,459.00  Advanced
Old Town Predator XL Minn Kota 13 2 $2,699.00  Advanced
Hobie Pro Angler 12 12 $3,149.00  Advanced
Hobie Pro Angler 14 13 8 $3,299.00  Advanced
Hobie Pro Angler 17T 17 $5,399.00  Advanced
Staff Picks
Ascend FS12T 13 4 $599.99  Beginner
Perception Pescador 14 $599.99  Beginner
Jackson Kayak Coosa 11 2 $1,299.99  Intermediate
Ocean Kayak Big Game Angler II 12 9 $1,299.99  Intermediate
Hobie Pro Angler 12 12 $3,149.00  Advanced
Old Town Predator XL Minn Kota 13 2 $2,699.00  Advanced


Download List: The Best Fishing Kayaks for 2016

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