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Lowrance HDS Gen 2 Structure Scan


Lowrance HDS Gen 2 Structure Scan

 What is this?

This is a structure scan using Lowrance HDS Gen 2 fish finder equipped with the LSS2 structure scan unit. Basically what all this means is you can buy a box called  LSS2 that looks similar to a car amp. You plug it into any fish finder in the HDS series. Then you will be able to see near life like fish under water. This is the video you see above.




lowrance-lss2-structure-scanAlthough the LSS2 structure scan device is not needed to catch fish. It makes it so much more easier to locate a fish from bait to trees. When you find a ball of bait fish it looks exactly like a ball of tiny little bait fish. When you find schools of fish It looks like a bunch of fish gathered tightly together chasing bait fish. The most clearest thing that you will see is trees underwater. They look just like they do above water but just below the surface, You could count the branches, twigs and even see if a particular tree is holding any fish. In my eyes it is worth the investment even if you are just a weekend fisherman or maybe even a monthly tournament fisherman. Ive even some semi-pro fishermen with dual 12″ touchscreens on their dashboard by the steering wheel and one 12″ touch screen up front by the trolling motor. That is someone who depends on his gear to make a living. No fish No Money! Lowrance has been around a very long time and I believe they made the first fish finder that printed out on a paper chart. Just image where we have came from back then today. Technology has come a long way since then and it has definetly improves your odds of catching fish in todays world. What kind of fish finder do you use?

My top 20 bucket list fishing locations in 2015


My top 20 bucket list fishing locations in 2015

brazil peacock bass fishing1. Brazil

What fisherman doesn’t want to go to Brazil for a couple of weeks and catch the GIANT Peacock Bass they have to offer over there?


El Salto Fishing2. El Salto

After Lake Falcon was over its peak for 2012 all you heard of was this new mystery lake in Mexico that people were catching 100’s of bass a day. Sign me up please!


lake falcon black bass3. Falcon

I have been here for a weekend trip but that just was not enough. I could easily spend another month down down playing with the giant bass.


destin florida4. Destin Florida

I have also been here on a 4 day trip but next time I want to go in my kayak and fish BTB. The trip I took was fun but also we over fished. 3 charters in 4 days…rough! I did manage to catch my PB saltwater record though. A 10 foot Tiger Shark.


bahamas bone fish5. The Bahamas

1 word. Bonefish!…..on the fly.


hawaii fishing6. Hawaii

The deep blue water, volcanoes, big fish, far far away from the mainland. Don’t know what kind of fish are there buy I want to go anyways.
lake mead bass fishing

7. Lake Mead

Biggest lake in the US! Everything is bigger in Texas US. I’ve seen plenty of fishing shows on Lake Mead and I have to go some day.



clear lake bassfishing california8. Clear Lake

This is a lake (in California) where you always hear about big black bass. I’m a bass guy. nuff’ said.


lake michigan small mouth bass fishing9. Lake Michigan

The land up north where the buffalo big small mouth roam. The biggest small mouth we have here in Texas might be 2 pounds. Got to get up there and catch me some trophy wall hanger smallies.



lake okeechobee giant bass10. Lake Okeechobee

I think what got me interested in this lake was the T.V. show The Scott Martin Challenge. That dude can find then lunkers cant he!



alaska fishing11. Alaska

One of mine and my dads favorite place to want to go fish. too bad were not rich and its too far to drive. The scenery, the fish, the GOLD and the wildlife will make this a great destination to visit.



Australia Great White Shark12. Australia

Great White Sharks!



uk carp fishing13. U.K Carp Fishing

I recently got into Carp fishing this year and in the U.S. carp are considered trash fish. U.K. has the biggest fish I have ever seen.



Wyoming fly fishing14. Wyoming

Close to Colorado and pretty land. I know they have some pretty fly fishing destinations there.



Colorado trout fishing15. Colorado

Been to Colorado once but only got to fish for 1 day. Only caught 1 rainbow trout, so that’s got my blood going. I need to catch more fish in Colorado.



montana-wild-fly-fishing16. Montana

I have to give credit to Montana Wild for this picture and for letting me see how beautiful Montana is. I never knew this and would not know if it wasn’t for them. Thanks.



Lake Powell17. Lake Powell

Ive heard the lake mentioned many times. Ultimate beauty. Especially when you are from Texas and all you see is grass when fishing.



Lake Havasu18. Lake Havasu

This year I have heard this lake mentioned probably a thousand times. Its got to be a good lake and I want to go!



Canada Fishing19. Canada

Eh? Small mouth capitol in my eyes. Heck yes this list would not be complete without out Northern Neighbors.



Louisiana Red Fish20. Louisiana

Living in Texas you would probably think why I have Louisiana on here. Well…just to name a couple reasons: Red fish & Trout. I live in Dallas and Venice (where I want to go) is only 600 miles away. That’s drive-able. You know I do not know why I haven’t been I just know I want to go a bunch of times!


Have you been to any of these great locations? What are some of your favorite fishing spots or bucket list places you would like to go?

How to catch fish when they are not biting



Here are the most commonly used tactics.

1. Downsize

When the fish are there but they just do not want to bite anything you are using. Try downsizing your lure. Sometimes you will end up catching smaller fish but this also works to catch much larger fish than you were originally targeting. My biggest freshwater fish to date was a black bass caught on a very small fly that was a half inch long.

2. Up-size

Sometimes the small lure does not work and fish want something larger…much larger. If you fish a Spro BBZ1 or a 10xD on any lake that has a good population of Black Bass your chances of catching a double digit bass are greater than if you were to fish with a regular square bill crank bait. Why? Big fish eat a lot. Why not eat one big meal instead of 10 small meals.

3. Switch Colors

On certain lakes certain colors just work the best why? My theory is that you are matching the hatch. At certain times shad will be really thick and sometimes perch will be really thick. Other times small game fish will be thick. These fish are all different shades of color. If you can match the hatch by figuring out what color and what size your target fish are eating you will hook up more often and learn to pattern them at different times of the year.

4. Live Bait

In my opinion nothing beats live bait. Fish have been eating it since before we existed. You are almost guaranteed to catch fish on live bait if you can find a large group of fish and if they are actively feeding. There has not been many times where I have fished with live shad for stripers, hybrids or sand bass and have been skunked. One thing you have to remember though with live bait is that you will be fishing multiple spots as the day goes on. Find them and you will be rewarded. Live bait work!

5. Try Worms

Just like with live bait, nothing beats night crawlers. Everything from bluegill, black bass, catfish etc. eats night crawlers. I bet you most of you reading this has used night crawlers on your earliest fishing adventures many moons ago as a child. Worms are cheap, but they are also free if you live in the right area. I remember as a kid digging for night crawlers to use to catch bluegill. Then we put the bluegill on trot lines to catch catfish. There goes that live bait again!

6. Fish Deeper/Shallower

Depending on what species of fish you are fishing for don’t get stuck in the normal patterns of previous fishing trips. If the fish not biting close to the bank, move away 20-30 feet. If you are fishing the bank your boat may actually be on top of the fish. Either drop a worm straight down or back up and cast. Sometimes fish that are normally deep may be pushing a school of bait to the surface to have an easy dinner. Throw your bait or lure but don’t let it sink to the bottom. I’ve caught plenty of fish on the very bottom and also nearly 3 feet below the surface all on the same trip in the same spot. Fish have tails they move!

7. Reel Slower

I never realized how true this was until I reeled in one of the biggest black bass I have caught to date using the method. I threw a white senko worm about 20 feet from my bass buster boat. I reeled so slow that with each crank I could feel the bottom of the lake. At one point I even stopped reeling in for about 10 seconds. When I started reeling in again I thought I was hung up. IT wasn’t hung the next thing I noticed was a bucket mouth emerging from the surface. After a very short fight I landed her and she went 7lb flat. If you think your going to slow…go even slower.

8. Find a group of people.

One method that is very overused on many lakes is finding a group of boats and head towards them. Chances are they are catching fish or you have just missed the fish. This is especially true for my home lake, Tawakoni. During the summertime you can see a cluster of boats chasing the schooling sandbass. Most of the time once you get there you hook up very quickly.

Tip: If you do decide to join the group please cut of your big motor at least 100 yards away from the group and run your trolling motor. If you big motor all the way to the group you will scare all the fish away and might even get a heavy lure thrown at your boat or even worse your head.

9. Look for birds

A very overlooked method of catching fish is looking for birds in the sky. No they are not there to eat flying fish, but they are there to eat bait fish. I believe the birds are herring gull’s. Keep a paid of decent binoculars in your boat because you can glass the water and if you see a few birds diving into the water that means there is a good amount of bait fish there which in turn there will be bigger fish there. Look for birds and you will find the school.

10. Chum

This technique is more common in saltwater than in freshwater but the results are the same. Chumming in saltwater you have a frozen wad of fish and throw it over the side of your boat in a chum bag to slowly release bits and pieces of fish stuff. In the freshwater the best and easiest method I have came up with is to catch live bait and keep it alive until you get to your fishing spot. If the fish are not biting well you take your bait and squeeze them almost in half to expose their inner parts. Throw a few in at a time and before you know if you will be on the fish. Don’t throw too much chum in the water because the idea is to feed them bit by bit so they stay hungry and you can trick them into biting your lure or bait.


Follow these steps and you should be able to figure out how to catch fish when they are not biting.

Have any more tips that have worked for you? Any odd tips or secrets you have used to catch fish?

Nothing beats fishing for Monster Hybrid Bass



Hybrid Bass Fishing

Nothing beats Hybrid Bass fishing on a cool 70 degree summer morning. Its 4 o clock you wake up and get dressed, drink some coffee and load the boat…or kayak. The morning starts out at the back of coves or marinas to find the perfect sized threadfin shad. More than none you are trying to find flickering tails so you can just throw a cast or two and go out to search for the giant fish. Most of the time though it is a gamble. You might end up throwing 30+ times just to get enough bait to last all morning. By this time an hour or two so has gone by and it has started to warm up as the sun is now way above the horizon. Its way past time to fish. So you head out to the points or humps in the lake and hope for the best. Grab a live shad out of the bait tank and thread the kahle hook through its eyes and drop it to the bottom of the lake and reel up a couple rotations. Sometimes the fish might be near the very bottom and sometimes they might just be 10 feet below you. You will have to thin out the Sand Bass, yellow bass, Catfish and sometimes Gasper Goo before you catch the trophy Hybrid fish. IF you catch Gasper Goo after Gasper Goo after Gasper Goo its time to move to a different area to fish.

The Facts

Typically the Hybrids like 18-22 feet of water we have found. During the hotter parts of summer you can catch them schooling but it is pretty rare. More than likely if you see schooling fish it is going to be a mix between Sand Bass, yellow bass, Hybrids and Stripers. Once you hook a hybrid on you better hold on because they pull like no other fresh water fish for their size. Well except a Striper. Keep reeling in as they are pulling out line. If you dont they might create slack in your line and get off. Once you land them make sure to bring them in with a dip net or they will get off. They have to be 18 inches to keep… just like a Striper.

Happy 4th of July.


Happy 4th of July!


The 4th of July is upon us again this year and as I get older I seem to fail to go out and enjoy the beautiful lights and sounds in the sky. I remember when I was much younger I could not wait until darkness came and I could transform into a pyrotechnician. Heck I could not even wait until you were allowed to buy fireworks. I would stay at my Grandparents for most of the summer so popping fireworks year round was not issue. We would buy tons of fireworks and it never failed, I always bought black cats, smoke bombs, army tanks, satellites and m60’s. Let me remind you I was only 7 – 14 years old during my summer trips to my grand parents at the lake. Back then it was fine…Now not so much, kids get suspended and kicked out of school for eating their bread into a gun shape. Once it came time for the real show it was a blast. Literally! My Parents would come to visit us and it never failed, they would bring  a whole assortment of fireworks and each time it seemed it got bigger and bigger. At times I swore we were having competitions around the block to see who could make the most noise. Of all the fun and bright lights there were two unlucky animals in the trailer house that did not like our shenanigans. Smokey and Curly, 2 brown Chows. You never knew where they hid themselves but rest assured they were hid well. Thinking about all these memories has me remembering of all my family members that have past since those days 17-24 years ago. On that note I wish that you spend this celebration with your family and friends and have great time celebrating America’s Independence and be safe. I want to also thank our Service men and women for everything they do each day. I could not do what you do. Thank you.

Don’t Drink and Drive

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