Trout Fishing below PK Dam.

I am going to venture out of my fishing area a little this Saturday and go to a place I always talk about fishing but never seem to find the time to go. I am going to fish the legendary river in Texas called the Brazos River. I have only fished in once about 7 or 8 years ago and didn’t catch anything. This time I am going to take my Pro Angler Kayak and target rainbow trout, hybrid bass and stripped bass. Last week the hatchery on hwy 16 stocked 9000 rainbow trout. Ive did my research on YouTube and talked to a few people and they said Olive/Brown Near Deere flies, Rainbow Warrior flies, Gold Ribbed Hares Ear Nymph and rainbow colored power bait is the best to catch them right now. I also have a few back up plans if none of the above works. I have a few different colored 1/16 oz rooster tails and a couple Super-Duper lures. There is not that many places in Texas that you can catch a “eating” sized trout none the less within 2 hours for Dallas/Ft. Worth. I’m sure this trip is one of many to come in my near future. If you have been fishing below the dam at Possum Kingdom please feel free to share your story below.


The Brazos was beautiful. I pretty much stayed in the area in the photo. I fished a pool but could not hookup on a trout despite them jumping all around me heckling me. I made the mistake of bring my Pro Angler when I just should of brought only myself, waders and a fly rod.