Deer Scent

Deer Scent

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The whitetail deer hunting season is fast approaching, and if you are a hunting enthusiast, you might already be noticing the number of commercials and adverts for deer hunting equipment tools. After all, the master hunter is not only he who is proficient at using his equipment, but also has access to the best equipments. Deer attractants, for instance, have been used by hunters for decades now. However, many have been led to believe the some such as deer scent are simply an overhyped marketing gimmick, doing little to attract deer contrary to the claims.

there are very important reasons why hunters should not ever underestimate the value of deer scents. These are the following:

Immobilizes the deer

First and foremost, deer scents are particularly useful for forcing deer to stop dead in its tracks, giving you sufficient time to make your move and score the perfect kill. Many a times, you would be able to make the deer stop only to scare it away or have it duck when you shoot. You can use a scent wick or apply a little on the ground when in close proximity to the deer and it will be enough for the deer to get the deer to stop. However, for best results, you will have to use it at the intersection of the shooting lane and trail for stopping the deer in the perfect spot.

Using deer scent can be a very effective tool for planning out your strategy. Bear in mind that you would also have to consider the degree of wind blowing away from you. If you are hunting in an area or time where you experience heavy winds, make sure to apply the extra scent-wick for best results.

Covers your tracks

When it comes to the term ‘silent assassin’, you might think of ninjas or other Hollywood action scenes.However, using deer scents can make you just as much of a silent killer if used properly. The defining characteristic of any silent kill is that the killer leaves no traces of his or her tracks. Deer scents can help you do just this. Hunters are usually recommended to wear clean rubber boots. However, the rubber can give off a strong smell and make the deer flee from you, fearing danger; not to mention the amount of noise from stepping on grasses, leaves, and sticks. Using doe urine can be a good failsafe method and prevent the deer from surprising you out of nowhere.

Are effective scouting tools

Mock scrapes are generally well perceived for being great hunting tools. However, what many do not realize that these are also great for scouting deer. This is because many bucks do not just ignore fresh dirt under a tree branch. Bucks usually reveal their front tracks to hunters due to the way they approach scrapes. Due to this reason, mock scrapes can help hunters tell deer tracks and allow them to navigate their way to them and make the kill. Mock scrapes can also be used to carpet bomb a large area for scouting purposes.