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Lowrance HDS Gen 2 Structure Scan


Lowrance HDS Gen 2 Structure Scan

 What is this?

This is a structure scan using Lowrance HDS Gen 2 fish finder equipped with the LSS2 structure scan unit. Basically what all this means is you can buy a box called  LSS2 that looks similar to a car amp. You plug it into any fish finder in the HDS series. Then you will be able to see near life like fish under water. This is the video you see above.




lowrance-lss2-structure-scanAlthough the LSS2 structure scan device is not needed to catch fish. It makes it so much more easier to locate a fish from bait to trees. When you find a ball of bait fish it looks exactly like a ball of tiny little bait fish. When you find schools of fish It looks like a bunch of fish gathered tightly together chasing bait fish. The most clearest thing that you will see is trees underwater. They look just like they do above water but just below the surface, You could count the branches, twigs and even see if a particular tree is holding any fish. In my eyes it is worth the investment even if you are just a weekend fisherman or maybe even a monthly tournament fisherman. Ive even some semi-pro fishermen with dual 12″ touchscreens on their dashboard by the steering wheel and one 12″ touch screen up front by the trolling motor. That is someone who depends on his gear to make a living. No fish No Money! Lowrance has been around a very long time and I believe they made the first fish finder that printed out on a paper chart. Just image where we have came from back then today. Technology has come a long way since then and it has definetly improves your odds of catching fish in todays world. What kind of fish finder do you use?


2012 Hobie Pro Angler 12 Mirage Drive Kayak Review


The Hobie Backstory

It’s been over 2 years now since I purchased my very first Kayak, a Hobie Pro Angler 12. I got the urge one day to try kayaking at a place in downtown Fort Worth Texas called Backwoods Paddle sports. You could rent Kayaks and Stand Up Paddle boards for pretty cheap. Now I have heard about the brand Hobie and came to understand that they are pretty much the top of the line kayaks. When I arrived at Backwoods Paddle sports I saw a few Hobie Kayaks and decided to try out the Hobie Outback Mirage Drive Kayak. Hobie-Mirage-Drive-Turbo-Fins I always associated kayaks and canoes with paddling. Not this one.

The Hobie Pro Angler 12 Kayak Review

It had this mechanism that you slip into the middle of the kayak called a mirage drive that you can use your feet to pedal similar to a bicycle. I’m going down the Trinity River (The clean part) and I instantly fall in love with this kayak. It has a rudder that you control with a handle on either side of your kayak virtually making the paddle useless unless your mirage drive fails and you then have to paddle back to safety. kayak-livewell Well a few months go by and spring rolls around and I need to get one of these kayaks. I visit Mariner Sails in Dallas Texas and browse the selection of kayaks, gear and electronics. I pretty much ken in my mind what I wanted form the day I tried it out on the Trinity River. The Hobie Pro Angler 12 was going to be mine after a hefty $3499. I purchased a go pro here 3+, wheels to transport the kayak from truck to water, extra mounts for my fishing poles, a fish finder, a hobie bait tank/livewell and a few safety and first aid things. All totaling roughly $5000 when it was all said and done. It is a bit pricey but hey it’s the top of the line. Since the purchase I have taken it out to the ocean at Galveston TX 2 times and a countless number of times to local lakes in the Dallas Fort Worth area. It is a very sturdy and rigid boat that can handle some accidental damage. From loading it into a truck to accidentally dropping it on the ground from a truck. It will last quite a while before you will damage it beyond repair. It has no mold seams which is pretty cool and that means no weak spots at joints like other cheaper kayaks have. You can even stand up in it and not worry about losing you balance and falling out. The chair is very comfortable and high allowing you to fish longer and see more. There are 3 hatches so you can store your gear. The front hatch is the biggest I have seen on any kayak. You can load everything you need in there with the exception of your fishing rods. The middle hatch can hold 2 waterproof plano tackle boxes just perfect. Did I mention they come with the kayak? lowrance-elite-4-fish-finder I took my tackle box holder out of the middle hatch and just left a bare open space so I could store my lawnmower batter in there so it powers my Lowrance Elite-4 fish finder. I do not like to drill holes in boats unless I absolutely have to. Hobie adds 1 replaceable mounting boards to each side of the cockpit so you can mount any and everything you wish to add. This way you do not have to drill holes anywhere in the boat. They even have a sonar place on the bottom of the kayak that your transducer sits above and you run your wires through the inside of the kayak therefore not having to drill holes to mount your fish finder transducer. LSS2TransducerBracketB Now you cannot fit a LSS2 structure scan transducer in there just your normal Lowrance transducer. The chair is made out of all medal and fully adjustable on your back and bottom. If your tall or short or have back problems you can adjust this chair to comfort you personally. The back hatch is a small round hatch that comes with a hobie Tupperware like round container that is perfect for all of your first aid stuff or maybe snacks or even extra lures. It is not very easy to access this hatch while on the water. IF you put your Hobie Bait tank/Livewell in there it sits atop of the back hatch making it non accessible. I honestly do not keep anything in the back hatch except an empty round Tupperware like container that comes with it. The width of the kayak is pretty wide enough for storing any gear you could use. I normally bring 2-3 fishing poles with me each time I fish and hobie put 4 rod holders inside of the cockpit. 2 on each side of the chair. They are parallel to the water not standing straight up into the air. Pretty cool feature for fisherman since if you cast your lure and it tends to get hung up when your poles are standing up in the bait tank/livewell. hobie-vantage-seat The chair locks in to 4 pre set locations and it strapped down by an elastic material with a grommet on it. So if you were to ever flip the yak the seat stays attached. The rudder is controlled by the pull of a string. Once you release the tension it drops the rudder down and you can control it by either two controls on each side of the kayak. Once you want to reach land just make sure you pull the string back up and lock it in place and it will not be damaged. Hard to remember the first few times but you quickly get the concept down. The mirage drive is placed in the big hole in the middle of the cockpit and once you hear the clicks of the side locks you are ready to pedal off to wherever you would like to go. You can reach about 7 miles an hour if you are really pedaling fast. It will leave a small wake behind you. Nothing to disturb the “no wake” buoys near boat ramps buy still pretty decent. Overall I would have to give this Kayak a grade of 8 out of 10 solely based on the fact that this beast is heavy. Just kayak alone it weighs 111 lbs., with your seat and mirage drive in it tops out at 138 lbs. You cannot haul this thing on top of your average car. Unless you have a SUV, Truck, Van, Cube, etc type vehicle. If it was lighter it would probably be weaker in strength so I will take the weight for strength any day. If you are into fishing you can go a few miles without being tired if you are not in that good of shape. Of course longer if you are in shape. I am not the fittest dude and I went 8 miles in it one day, I was whooped the next day though. I probably would have been less tired if I caught more than one fish all day. Overall it is a great kayak and I would recommend it to anybody who loves to fish, paddle or just simply enjoys the great outdoors. If you have a Hobie kayak or are thinking about getting one feel free to comment below and tell me your story or anything you wish to comment about.


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